Wednesday 15 September 2010


Judgement is so easy. I had a friend, a still fairly young Christian, bring up his concern the other day about how it seems Christ followers seem to so often judge others. It had really been bothering him, and rightfully so.  The only real response I could give was that this was precisely why we need Jesus so badly- we even fall into sin in trying to be obedient.  I have been as guilty as anyone.  Often it feels so right- we use the excuse that we are courageously defending the truth of God, but in reality all we are doing is breaking the command in Luke 6:37 to not judge and to not condemn. Something is truly wrong when the Gospel of Grace becomes the gospel of legalism and when the desire to honor Truth is acted out by tearing others down. Something inside of me is not right when my love for God's law becomes an excuse (an incorrect one I must emphasize) for me to withhold love.  Whether we are in full time vocational ministry or simply living out the commission in everyday life (school, work, leisure) to make disciples by sharing the Gospel to our friends one by one, it is essential that we remember this command.
Something I'm trying to do, and I ask others to hold me to account in a loving way, is to prayerfully measure every word- every thought- and yes even ever twitter post to whether I am building up others in Christ, or tearing down others in judgement.

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