Wednesday 25 August 2010

Catfish fishing, or Catfishing?

I realize over the last few months I've neglected this blog. I've honestly found myself so busy that I haven't even thought of sitting down to write, and all of this busyness came to a head last Thursday when my body just wanted to crash throughout the entire day, even after a normal solid night's sleep and a few cups of quality java. I started reflecting on why I might be so tired......

Fly to BC for Conference
Quick Weekend Holiday In Surrey
Practice for Victoria Beach Concert

Lead Grandma's Funeral
Play Lead Guitar for HWY 59!

Music & Teaching at VBS 2010

So you see, I guess I've gone an entire year and a half now without a real solid vacation numbering more than a couple of days.  It's all good- sometimes that's the way life is when you take on new roles and responsibilities- but I must admit I've been tired. Add to this an incredibly busy June & July and you have the ingredients for fried brain with a side of meltdown. However, God sends things our way just when we need them, and in my case it was my friend Chris and his fishing addiction. 
Last week Chris took me fishing up at Lockport for catfish, and we had a pretty incredibly relaxing evening. Chris caught a couple and it was all good, but this week when we went again I could not have been prepared for what was in store. I haven't fished for catfish since I was under 10 years old at least, and so I had no idea the fight that was ahead when the tip of the rod first jumped forward. My arms felt like jelly after the long fight, and it was only adrenaline that got me through the following 4 fights! Yes- 5 very large catfish and 2 snapped lines (one we estimate to have been close to 37 inches- almost had him in the net before the snap).  Chris faired just as well with 5 of his own and the evening ended up being perfection on the water. 


It's almost September now, and there is most assuredly more busyness ahead, but I am comforted by how God gives us exactly what we need when we need it.  For me, it was a couple of evenings on the water wrestling with the ugliest fish in His divine creation, and it was wonderful! 

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