Monday 20 September 2010

How the time goes by.

This evening I went out to the Cedarwood year round kickoff event - playing Magic Bricks in the rain at St. Vital Park. It was great to see old friends, run in the rain, tell terrible jokes, etc.; but there was one thing that unexpectedly brought me great joy. As we were all hanging out under the canopy at the park, I noticed a group of very young guys "beating up" on Justin and Manny, and instantly I couldn't help but remember back to when these two men were themselves just little boys, part of the group that would "beat up" on me on Sunday mornings in church as I taught Sunday school.  It seems like yesterday, and yet here they are now along with others from that wonderful group as the leaders in this ministry that is so dear to my heart. Sometimes I just can't figure out where the time went.  What is even more mind blowing though is that it will really be only the blink of an eye before the little guys attacking them, along with the little ones who currently attack me in the hall as I step out of my office at church, will soon be men themselves. One of the greatest joys of ministry is having the privilege to see them grow up to be men of God, and I guess I was reminded tonight of not only how blessed I've been, but of the responsibility we all have to continue to share God's love in simple practical ways, like letting a group of little boys win the battle!

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