Saturday 23 August 2008

Nothing really changes... everything remains the same...

Figured I'd quote some good ol' Larry Norman as a title to this blurb. The song goes on, "We are what we are 'till the day that we die...." Not sure what this has to do with anything in the grand sense, but on this final morning of camp I am struck by the thought that nothing really changes. This morning I got up at 6, recorded a hundred DVDs, did my laundry, and sipped an espresso; and like always, it was good. Once again though, it's the last time, at least for this season. As I walked through the darkened underground, unlocking and locking each door I went through, the sad thought that this is our last morning with campers here was comforted by the knowledge that somehow we'll all be here again. It will be different, but it will be the same nonetheless.
In just a few days 11 weeks will be over.... and I'll sit in my easy chair sipping an espresso while wondering where it all went. At the same time... I have many friends young and old that I miss terribly and I am excited to be home. BBQ's with friends, serving up a batch of wings to young buddies from camp, enjoying a burger at Blondies, sipping cappuccino's at Mountain Bean.... it will be good to be home.

For now.. I think I'll have a second morning espresso. A long day awaits of "see ya's" to campers, cleaning out the meeting room, and prepping for the big show on Monday in the city. You can bet Larry Norman will be singing me through the cleanup as I indulge in my sound system for the last time this summer.....

ps. going to see Neil Young in October. somehow managed to get decent tickets. life is good.

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