Wednesday 16 July 2008

Ben's Cappuccino Co.

As the espresso maker heats up to kick off another morning, I thought I might tell you about a new tradition that has emerged here at camp. Every afternoon at 4pm, there is something called cabin kickback, where each cabin group does an activity together- anything from going cliff jumping to driving into town and eating ice cream... and the newest activity of them all is Ben's Cappuccino Co. Basically the concept is simple.... I make caramel cappuccinos for a cabin of 7 boys and their counselor. Now you're probably thinking.... "Ben... you are crazy. You are feeding caffeine to already very energetic teenage boys, and really.... how many of them like coffee anyway?" My response is as follows. 1. meh. and 2. the caramel and whip cream make it quite enjoyable.
Seriously though... it's actually a great time to just sit around and drink fine coffee and have fun playing pool, fuseball, etc while just relaxing with the guys for an hour. Anyway..... it's early in the morning, and I'm copying DVD's once again, and the espresso maker is warmed up so I better go.....

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