Saturday 12 July 2008

Rainy Days.

It's 6:30am, and it's raining again. I've been up for awhile now copying DVD's for the campers, and watching the rain fall outside the window. It's funny how it all goes so fast sometimes.... it really feels like only days ago that I was still in the city madly preparing for the summer, and here we are now, two weeks into the program (4 weeks in if you count staff training).
I've been pretty blessed so far- had the chance to build some solid friendships with some of the guys, been able to (hopefully) answer lots of questions, and I've even had people laugh at my jokes... (as strange as that sounds). So yeah.... that's where things are at. It's 7:30 now (yes.. I took a break from writing right after I started and went and had a shower), and now the rain is blowing across the driveway in sheets. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow tho, and I guess it will be a different week with different joys and different challenges. I'm gonna sleep well tonight.....

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