Sunday 4 April 2010

of joy and sorrow...

Maybe the best way to sum up my day is to give a very basic timeline:

6:30am- Head to church to do powerpoint and prepare music for worship service
7:30am- Practice with band
9:15am- Check in on the children's Sunday school- share some laughter with one of the teachers while giving two particular 10 year old boys a hard time
10:44- Ambushed by same two boys as leaving office for the stage to begin service- the were crouched in the hall waiting to "get me". I tickled them to the ground. It made my day.
10:50- Can't figure out why most of congregation is giggling through the old cherished hymn I'm leading
10:55- Blown away by the poise and maturity of the testimonies being shared by many of my young friends
11:50- Run to back to figure out why video feed of baptisms isn't working- get it going after some fiddling
12:15- Cleaning up after service. Informed that I forgot the "o" in "arose" on the powerpoint, and therefore led the church in 3 choruses of "hallelujah Christ arse"
12:16- Laugh hysterically
12:20- Mother of one of the two attack boys apologizes to me hoping her son wasn't causing trouble. He had "confessed" to the plot.  I explain that they are bringing me as much joy as I seem to be bringing them. All is good.
12:30- Phone message that my Grandma had just passed away.
12:35- Share news with those around me- more feeling bad for my parents than for myself- this was expected and I in some ways relieved she wouldn't be suffering anymore.
1:00- Spend a nice afternoon with parents. They're okay, so I'm okay.

I guess that wasn't either basic or a summation. Sorry.  However, it makes the point. It was one of those days where God reminded me of the depths of His faithfulness- everything from laughter exactly when I needed it the most, to the joy of knowing that as a Pastor the kids can trust me enough to try and tackle me at random and know I won't ever hurt them in a good wrestling match, to seeing the incredible timing that allowed my Grandma to pass away peacefully with my Grandpa at her side and no room for guilt over lack of care.

I'll close with the words I unfortunately didn't get right this morning on the screen anyway, but they're a fitting way to end a blog on Easter sunday. This is where I find my hope.
"Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o'er His foes, He arose a victor in the dark domain, and He lives forever with His saints to reign. He arose, He arose, Hallelujah CHRIST arose."

Happy Easter friends.

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