Tuesday 9 March 2010

cause in the end, it's just a room....

This was the living room in my apartment on Gaylene Place in my last year of living there. I gotta say, for a low rental apartment I had the place looking pretty good. I suppose that wasn't always the case- the apartment went through lots of changes over the years with different roommates and different stuff to fill it with.
There are many memories wrapped up in this apartment that I will cherish always. Editing a "full length" snowboard video with two excited 14 year olds named Alan and Scott, while eating Delicio pizza and commenting on how we can't believe its not delivery.  Multiple movie/wings nights with my young buddies from camp, complete with tropical punch kool aid in high supply.  Having the grade 12's from church over for wings and hockey, and watching my red candle suddenly start dripping down the tv on to the carpet (they said my tv was bleeding).
There were also harder moments that will also stick with me.  Praying with a group of close friends for my roommate after his dad suddenly passed away. Reading my bible at 4am waiting to hear further news of my dad's stroke (which Praise God was only minor).  Wanting to put a fist through the wall after hearing someone who was close to me had been abused. Pacing the living room one the phone with the police as a brawl was breaking out in the hallway (see previous blog post).
Even in these moments however I can see God's fingerprints all over them as I look back. The good and the bad were moments he used to shape me into who I am, and I like to think that some of those moments have been used to shape others as well to His glory, whether it be through the simple act of brotherly love in serving a plate of hot wings, through God honouring my prayers for a hurting friend, or through just being a listening ear to someone in need.
It's so easy to develop a sentimental tie to objects, whether it be the stuff you have or the place you keep it, but in the end, there is no eternal significance.  Moth and rust will eventually destroy all we have, and the only eternal treasure is our relationship with our Creator.
As I packed up my apartment I realized that ultimately it was just a room. I value the memories God has given me from that place, but not above Him who granted me the experience in the first place.

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