Sunday 25 October 2009

So why a warm cup of coffee?

So after far too long being ignored or very rarely updated, I've decided to put some time and energy into my blog. If you're seeing this on Facebook, here's the actual blog address.
But the question remains; why a warm cup of coffee?
As a friend, as a caregiver, and as a pastor; the aspect of relationship that is most important to me is that of conversation. While it's true that good conversation doesn't really need anything besides at least two willing parties and a measure of trust, there is something about the intimacy of conversation carried on over a warm cup of coffee that just seems to resonate.  When it comes to this blog, it's primarily me sharing my stories, my thoughts, and basically my life; but my real hope is to begin conversation. Whether the conversation takes place in person after a post, through comments to the blog, or to comments on Facebook, it doesn't really matter I guess.  Face to face is always my favorite way of communication, but that isn't always possible and I don't believe the conversation should end just because we aren't in the same room.
So... A Warm Cup of Coffee... served up in a digital sort of way is my solution, and I hope you'll join me at the counter.

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