Thursday 2 July 2009

A Holy Place.

As Moses walked through the wilderness He came upon a burning bush. A voice cried out “Remove your sandals for you are standing on Holy ground.” Now I’m not sure what Holy ground really means anymore, but I’m tempted to remove my shoes as I enter the Cedarwood After 8 room. Tonight as we prepared for our silent retreat, a yearly exercise of silence from morning to evening near the end of staff retreat, I looked from my perch in the sound room and could almost see where souls would be given to our Lord in this wonderful room. Over there in the corner, down on that riser; a crying girl in the arms of her counselor, a boy sharing the deep questions God has placed on His heart; this is a Holy Place because God is here.

A time of worship is winding down now, many have left to find their quiet place with God, and Amanda Falk is leading the rest into a place of both solitude and beautiful communion. It is only a taste of what is to come in a couple of days. The smiling excited faces will crowd this room, the music will scream, laughter will erupt, we shall dance, and the truth of Christ will be shared. Yes... I said we shall dance, and we shall dance together. My prayer is that a lifetime of dancing ensues, a joyful and beautiful dance.

I’m going to go soon- I may not be completely silent. Jesus said that if the people wouldn’t praise the stones would cry out, and honestly my heart desires to praise at this moment. I may grab my guitar and go grab a solitary place.... ah yes.... solitary but not alone. Never alone.

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