Sunday 6 January 2008

Crazy Find!!!

So while preparing to teach sunday school this morning, I was just browsing through some of the cd's sitting in the youth kitchen at church and sitting right there was a burnt cd labeled "youth lock in 2001". I recognized it immediately- it was a cd soundtrack for a talking parrot that I made 7 years ago for this particular youth event!!! The kids were searching for clues to find the combination to open a pirate chest, and one of the things they had to do was put up with this talking parrot and ask him questions. I was sitting behind with a cd player and a list of tracks for specific questions and answers. For 2001 it was the peak of technology let me tell you......
Anyway.... what I can't figure out is how this disc suddenly has now shown up 7 years later sitting on the counter in the kitchen! Oh well, brought back some good memories, and reminded me of a few of my favorite parrot jokes.

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