Friday 24 April 2015

My Lighthouse

After another late night at church I turned on the TV for some mindless entertainment and was instead enthralled by the account of a mission hospital ship in its travels to West Africa. While the focus of the show was on the ship itself, my interest was in the human element and I was fascinated by the way these people worked together with a common goal in mind of bringing hospital care to those who would never otherwise have it. As the show began the ship was docked safely at port, but it was soon revealed that a storm was coming and so despite the clear sky and calm waters the crew were doing everything they could to prepare the ship for the storm.

As detailed as their preparation was, the storm was a severe one and the ship did not come out unscathed. In the rocking of the waves the food storage area was left a bit of a disaster with eggs, flour, and milk spilling and mixing. All in all it was a minor incident, but it proved that even the best preparation doesn't mean complete escape.

We all hit storms in life; I happen to be in one that feels like it's gone on for far too long and all it took was looking at an email today to feel like the waves were going to wash over me one more time. As I look back I feel like I've taken all the steps to counter the storm, but the truth is that even the best plans and intentions don't always mean the storm won't arrive.

I just bought a new instrument this afternoon, a mandolin, and before I had checked my email I was happily learning how to play a song that has stuck in my head since the day I heard it. Suddenly it was like the storm had sucked the joy out of me; and then I recalled the words of the song I had been worshiping with.

"My Lighthouse, my Lighthouse, I will trust the promise, You will carry me safe to shore...."

I have so much to be thankful for, but it's all nothing compared to the treasure I have in Jesus Christ my Saviour. He does and He will carry me safe to shore. As I pick up my mandolin again and go back to worshipping I think I'm going to sing these words with a lot more meaning because they suddenly came to life.

My Lighthouse - Rend Collective

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