Sunday 1 November 2009


I don't think it actually hit me until this evening, but 2000 years is a very long time. 

I saw an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls on Saturday afternoon as part of the worship conference I've been attending here in Toronto.  It's a very well laid out exhibit- it starts by walking you through the history of the people of Israel, moving into the experience of the members of the Qumran community, members of a Jewish sect who had broken away from the mainline "religion." Stone jars from that long ago are crazy enough, but then you come to pieces of cloth, still with distinct dyed designs.  However, it's when you get to the fragments that it truly becomes mind blowing.  Fragments pieced together of hand written copies of scripture- the ones on display including excerpts from Isaiah and Psalms, writings regarding daily life including a contract to sell land, and even a commentary on scripture.  However, it was only this evening when telling a friend about it while chatting online that it suddenly struck me.  2000 years..... 
Just a simple thought....  maybe this is a reminder that nothing we do is useless, and it is truly amazing what God will use for His Glory.  I'm sure the scribe who wrote some of those fragments had no idea that in 2000 years his writing would be on display in an unknown land, encouraging a group of music ministers who had come together to be spiritually fed during a weekend of worship and teaching. 
What might I do that just maybe will last the test of time?.... what might you do? It's a marvelous thought, isn't it.  Not for our own glory by any means- heck we don't even know who the scribes were- but their efforts to bring Glory to their God have been remembered. 

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