Thursday 16 April 2009

Frustration. Annoyance. Pure Joy.

I haven't blogged in awhile so I figured I'd get a few things off my chest before heading to bed. I'm getting back into the gym routine and so I gotta be up in 6 hours, but ah... writing is therapy right?


So, a few years ago I bought a cheap hot air popcorn maker from walmart, and it has served me fairly well (even if it is horribly loud, vibrates like crazy, and spews kernels in every direction around my kitchen... but I digress). Anyway, the delightful smell of fresh popcorn has lately been masked by the not so delightful smell of burning plastic, and I'm pretty sure I'm taking my chances with every use of the machine at this point. Simple solution- buy a new popcorn maker. NOT SO SIMPLE!!! I had three options in mind.
1. Buy a new but much higher quality hot air popper
2. Buy an electric hot oil popper
3. Buy a hand cranked stovetop hot oil popper
Over three nights I have tried in vain to find anything... The search began at walmart, where after enunciating the word "popcorn maker" repeatedly to the woman who didn't speak english, found that all they carried was a 15 dollar hot air popper of the same quality I have been stuck with for the past few years. A few evenings later, I tried Canadian Tire, and even Costco, and no popcorn makers whatsoever. Superstore had one that seemed to be even lower quality than the walmart version- I count that as a Fail.
This evening I made the trip to St. Vital mall in hopes that my search would lead to fruition. I did find two decent quality hot air popcorn makers at London Drugs, but by this point I really wanted an oil one if possible. However, after asking if they had any of the display oil unit in stock, I was told that nothing has come in since January. I then walked to Stokes and Bendix, and the Bay and Sears, to look for a stovetop version, but no love there either. So... I've been told the Happy Cooker on Osborne might be an option... we'll see if I ever feel like braving the traffic.


A few weeks ago I was in the local Christian bookstore just browsing around when I noticed the clearance table. On it was a large pile of Sarah Palin biographies. I was very amused, and then quite annoyed. Then I thought about it even more and became sad, very very sad. If her hope is in Jesus Christ, I trust she will have a home in heaven with God, but the writers who hold her up as an ideal of Christian leadership, a "new kind of leader," need to read the bible a little closer to see what real Christian leadership is.

Pure Joy

Look up Susan Boyle on youtube if you haven't already. Everyone and their dog is posting it today..... Watch the crowd and how their reactions change as this genuinely beautiful woman (and you'll know what I mean by that when you watch it) begins to share the stunning voice God has given her. This is possibly one of the most beautiful moments I've ever seen aside from seeing my new nephew, Maxfield, on webcam last night. That still wins.

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