Saturday 20 December 2008

Stir Crazy.

Woke up this morning feeling like my throat was on fire - listened to my buddy Joel on his first gig as Saturday morning DJ on Ignite 107, and shed a tear for him as he introduced a Toby Mac song in a positive manner, knowing it was probably killing him on the inside to do so.
Anyway, spent most of the morning and early afternoon working on arranging music for Christmas Eve at church, and made a mean batch of homemade chicken soup in the crock pot. By this evening though I was absolutely stir crazy, although too sick to really go do anything. Finally realized that fast food was the answer, and ventured out to BK for a Whopper/Poutine meal. (yes... you read it right)
Almost hit some pedestrians who decided to press the button at the crosswalk and then step right in front of my car without accounting for the fact that I was driving on sheer ice and that an instant stop would be impossible. Made it safely home though with my heart attack in a bag and proceeded to lament the fact that there was nothing decent to watch on tv while enjoying my dead cow. It's been quite the day.

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