Sunday 7 December 2008

Slightly Embarassing.

So I'm a bit of a clean freak I must admit. As you can see by the first picture, I keep my coffee area pretty pristine. I'm not one to normally relax with a mess around me, and so I keep my apartment pretty clean. However, two 50 hour work weeks, a week of sickness, and a wedding to do music for (along with cold weather that hasn't encouraged me to walk to the recycling bin) has made for a bit of a mess in the corner of my kitchen. (see second pic)
... okay.. it's a big mess and I suddenly realized how bad it's become. I am great at collecting stuff to recycle, but not so great at lugging it outside, and so generally it sits until I can't stand it anymore. I figured I would have normally hit that stage about two weeks ago, but like I said.... it's been kinda busy. (and sorry... but when it's minus twenty-frick outside I'm just not gonna go if I don't have to)
Well... like I said though, I've still managed to keep the coffee area clean. Can't live without espresso.....

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