Tuesday 23 September 2008

Late Night Storms.

"Oh, that's going to be a loud one," I thought to myself as the lightning flashed. The strange part about it was that I was still asleep at the time, dreaming about bbq'ing farmer sausage and slow cooking chicken in my kitchen which was now part of my parents house while talking to a childhood friend I haven't seen since I was 17. Somehow though, this flash of lightning was bright enough to invade my muddled dream, and less than a second later I was proved correct. The thunder clap was loud enough to jar me into reality, even at 4am. There was no echo afterwards... no rumble in the distance... just a bang; followed by a strange melody of car alarms and the faint sound of babies crying.
I'm a storm lover, and this summer was a strange one for me in that I didn't get that many storms. We had one crazy one hit during I think the first week of camp at around 4pm, and it was pretty impressive, but after that not much at all. Mark and I drove through a wicked rainstorm at one point, and I did get a few nice flashes of lightning and claps of thunder on our last night at camp before going home, but that was it. I think last night made up for it, as the storm kept returning and building in intensity each time. I guess the only problem is that I'm getting sick and I didn't sleep much. Good thing the espresso machine is warming up at this very moment.

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