Monday 14 April 2008


Well, I'm on holidays again. I've been in Surrey, BC for the last couple of days, and it's been a good time. My cousin Melissa dragged me (yeah I did go willingly) to Metrotown mall to do some shopping and chilling, and it was good to get to hang out with her a bit. We ended up getting on the wrong Sky Train heading back home, and during that time we learned from the intoxicated men behind us that the best way to get even with their friend would be "to kill his dog...." Yeah.... we had lots to laugh about.
The next day Deion and I went to Castle Fun Park, which is near Abbotsford. It's an amusement center with mini golf (I got owned second game) and video games and stuff. Somehow with the name though, I just feel like it has to be said over and over with grossly exaggerated enthusiasm. CASTLE FUN PARK CASTLE FUN PARK CASTLE FUN PARK
... but I digress.
Anyway... this evening I visited some old friends, Brad and Stacey in South Surrey and stayed for a worship evening with some people from their church. It was such a neat thing to worship together, pray together, and share scripture.... especially with a small group where I had never met most of the people there. It was a small but firm reminder of the unity of the church... or how it should be anyway.
So in about 7 hours I'll be off to Grande Prairie to visit my buddy Jon, and then to Edmonton so see my brother and his family. But for now, precious sleep......

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