Monday 7 April 2008

Snowboard 2008

As I write this blog, I am sitting in the Starbucks on the slopes in Fernie. Due to a lack of internet access for my laptop, I am probably posting this later on, but I felt like jotting down some thoughts now. There’s a lot of thoughts going through my mind I must say- but the overwhelming feeling of thankfulness is pretty much top of the list. As I sit here sipping my dark roast, the boys are snowboarding in some of the best conditions we’ve ever seen here. They are well fed and happy, and I must say I am relieved. I haven’t really been snowboarding; I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I don’t really enjoy it. I guess I might if I learned how properly, but honestly this just isn’t the time. I’d rather see the boys just go to their hearts content and have an amazing time. I’m happy to sit here, write a bible study for the evening, and be annoyed by the mustache that I’m growing. Yes.... a mustache..... but I swear it won’t last long. We’ll see if it even makes it to church on Sunday, although I’m pretty sure the kids would enjoy it as I teach them. (then again, if I can’t take myself seriously right now when I look in the mirror, I wonder how the kids will be able to.)

Anyway, all that aside, I am thankful. Have I said that already? That’s okay, cause I’m really thankful. About 5 weeks ago I didn’t even know if this trip was going to happen. I didn’t have drivers, and work has been so busy in the office this year that I really had nothing planned. However, within a week God provided us with two more drivers on top of myself and a place to stay. The Pentecostal church in Fernie once again opened our doors to us, and I must say they (specifically Pastor Dennis I guess) have been amazingly welcoming. So now here we are on the last day of boarding on a trip that has been nothing but wonderful. I guess there will be another blog posted about the ride home, but for now..... it is well.

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