Thursday 1 November 2007

an introduction?

I've recently been pondering the question, "What is normal?" After all, my life doesn't seem to fit in a lot of the normal catagories, if they really do exist. (maybe we just make them up... who knows?) In Matthew Chapter 28 in the Bible, Jesus commands his disciples to "go out and make disciples of all nations," and I suppose that is what I have dedicated my life to in one way or another. Now I guess that could be deemed normal in a sense, but I've realized that the method is never normal. "To make disciples" can be taken very simply to help people get to know God, but this often opens up a huge can of worms doeesn't it?
GOD. Wow... I have been a practicing Christian since I was 15 years old, and I'll be honest in saying that God is my greatest confidant, my closest friend, and my only hope; but really, how can I ever explain what any of that really means in words. Here's where it gets interesting, as part of making disciples is presenting the truth of who God is. Well, I could easily toss off Bible verses and basic spiritual truths, and I can recite the Gospel story of how Jesus Christ gave His life as a propitiation for our sins; but the truth is that God speaks to every heart in a different and unique way, and there is only one constant that I have seen.
Love. According to Jesus it's the greatest commandment- "The Lord God is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind; and love your neighbor as yourself."
So I have to constantly ask myself the question, "Do I really love?" If I do love each of my "neighbors" (and I take that to be anyone), then my relationship with each one should be unique. Love means being a listening ear in times of trouble, and it means being there when no one else is. Love means investing time into a life, and it can be as simple as sharing a lunch hour over greasy fries to as painful as sitting at ones deathbed just so they know you care enough to be there. Yeah, I've done both, and yet I know I've still got a long way to love the way that God loves. It's a journey, and I guess in some ways its a comfort to know that its not Normal. If I really believe what the Psalmist said when it was written "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." then I need to believe and trust that God has a perfect and unique plan in all of this for me, and that this lack of normality only means that God is at work.
I feel better....

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